Pre-Prep Phase

Our pre-preparatory caters for children from 4 months old to 6 years old (Grade R). Our classrooms are spacious and bright and open up onto large verandas, which flow into a beautiful, well-equipped, garden.  We have structured our environment very carefully to enable our children to learn in the most exciting, educationally sound way. Our programme has been structured with particular concern for children’s developmental needs, so they can reach their age appropriate milestones socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Our pre-school campus is divided into two sections, the first being the Rainbow Group. Rainbow Group accommodates children from 4 months old to 3 year olds, in a peaceful, yet stimulating environment. The second section accommodates children from 4 years old to 6 year olds where we offer computers, music, art, physical education, fantasy play, swimming, busyballz, baking, outings, senso play and concerts.

School begins at 07:30 and ends at 13:00; an aftercare facility is available. Further enquiries may be made at Rainbow Group.


Our caring and loving teachers, with a passion for teaching young minds, offer an enriching programme around theme teaching, embracing language development, music, art and dance. An exciting and well-designed jungle gym and other appropriate apparatus to develop gross motor, upper body and core muscles, as well as specialised occupational equipment, are all included in the garden. Our favourable adult/child ratio allows for much individual attention, encouraging each child to develop into his very own unique person.  



Our school readiness programme is designed to develop cognitive, visual and auditory perceptual skills necessary for reading and writing. We make use of the Letterland phonics system, and pre-writing skills to cultivate the correct formation of letters.



  • Baby Gym: 4 months – 2 years
  • BusyBodies: 2 – 3 years. An exciting programme focusing on the development of strong gross motor skills
  • BusyBallz: 3 – 6 years. This fabulous programme grows from BusyBodies and develops gross motor skills and ball skills.
  • Learn to Swim: 3 – 6 years. Our children are taught to be water confident in a “learn to swim” size heated pool
  • Mind Moves
  • Outings to places of interest in and around Kokstad
  • Theme extension, with interesting visits from outside visitors
  • Special Days: Messy Day, theme Days
  • Baking
  • Library
  • A mastering unit which assists and supports children in need