St Patrick’s College adventures are designed to push pupils beyond their comfort zones; cultivate a love for nature and the great outdoors and, most of all, expose them to life changing experiences and challenges; the highlight of these adventures being the Headmaster’s Challenge.


Every school endeavours to provide an education for their scholars that culminates in producing a well-rounded citizen, able to contribute independently and significantly to society as an adult. This invariably sets teachers the task of balancing intellectual, physical, cultural and spiritual spheres. St Patrick's College is set in Kokstad, in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains. This lends itself to many outdoor ventures and one that has been particularly successful has been our annual Headmaster's Challenge.


Participants have to: complete a timed open-water swim of at least 1km; cycle a minimum of 25km in a timed race; complete a circuit breaker and summit our local Mt Currie. The altitude is 2224m and the route to the top is close to 4kms, without any form of path, and an elevation change of around 850m.


The Headmaster's Hike takes place over 4 days (85km) along the pristine coastline that is referred to as the Wild Coast, during our mid-term break in August. The most common route commences at the Wild Coast Sun close to Port Edward on the banks of the Mtamvuna River.